There are so many other factors that play a factor towards that question. One is the racial bias that people have not gotten over one another. From the past till now people kill one another just because of the color of their skin or their religious beliefs. It really is sad to see people behave this way and take their actions out like that.

During the 60’s and even earlier racial discrimination against the black race has always been sad and shameful for anybody who has supported it. In the South is where a lot of these innocent killings have taken place. We although, have tried to go back and trace the people who did these acts back in the 90’s. “For years, black community leaders and relatives of victims complained about the lack of action in both the more prominent and lesser-known cases. But their urging’s have been taken more seriously recently, experts and historians say, because the political, social and legal climate in the South has changed so significantly since the era of the killings.” Also, “A study published last year found that African Americans are almost three times more likely than white people to be killed by the police’s use of force. Indigenous Americans are also almost three times as likely to suffer such a fate, while Hispanic men are twice as likely. Now, a new report suggests the biases and prejudices held by white residents in an area has a close correlation to the number of black people who will lose their lives at the hands of officers.” The question is why, why did some white people feel the need to kill black people and why do some black people feel the need to kill white people? So that one race can be superior than the other? Or so that one can take over the other? Yes these different races have different ways of living, but that is no reason kill one another. We may dress differently, talk differently, and do so many other things differently but that should not be reason to kill one another or any other race for that matter in the end we’re all human.

Another factor that plays a role to this question is the discrimination against people with different religious beliefs. Muslims now these days seem to be known as the ones that kill but now some of them are being killed unnecessarily. Isis kills a lot of people almost everyday. “As for the deliberate slaughter of fellow Muslims, it must be remembered that mainstream Sunni Islam — the world’s dominant strand of Islam, which ISIS adheres to — views all non-Sunnis as false Muslims….” Also, “ISIS is known for killing dozens of people at a time and carrying out public executions, crucifixions and other actsIn 2014, ISIS controlled more than 34,000 square miles in Syria and Iraq, from the Mediterranean coast to south of Baghdad. At the end of 2016, ISIS territory had shrunk to about 23,320 square miles, according to IHS Jane’s.” This is so sad to me because Isis kills so many innocent people for no reason. Why can’t they see that they are doing more damage than good with all of killings.

What seems to be the top topic of this question of why people want to kill one another, is for control and power. People like to suppress one another just to get everything their way. It’s very sad but it’s the world we live in. Hopefully we can come more together to realize that this is not the right way and the thing is we need a leader that will also help lead us towards that right path.  

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February 16, 2018 1:03 am

Chi Chi,

I really enjoyed your post. Thank you sharing you post. I enjoyed your post because it is a hot topic about many lives that have been taken from this world. I Like your comments on African American are killing Caucasians and how Caucasians are killing African Americans, you show that well towards the end of your post with showing both sides of the spectrum so it shows both sides and how it is a problem for all races not one. It was a wonderful post, thank you for sharing your post.

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