Question : Why did we become a two party system?(founders, republicans, democrats, two parties)

“Two Parties Emerge.”, Independence Hall Association, 2008,

This question came to mind when I was in my gov class looking at the values and ideals of the two parties here in America. I found that I agreed with values from both parties and disagreed with some as well. This lead me to wondering what happened in our country that created these two parties because it’s not written in the constitution for us to have a two party system.

Our two parties system in America began after the presidency of George Washington. Washington was a big advocate for no parties stating they would tear our republican government apart. The next president though, John Adams, was not help to stoping parties because he became the main figure in the Federalist party, who supported strong national government, while other important figures like Thomas Jefferson became the head of the Democratic-Republicans, in favor of weaker national government. Both parties despised parties and throughout the years people began to join the party that was against the one they didn’t like even if they didn’t agree with the party they were joining either.

This two party system became so competitive that it made it so you have to believe in one or the either and there are no other people who can run for anything that may have some new and good ideals.We no longer have people running for their ideals of this country and what they stand for but we have people running for a group and what they stand for. This two party system makes elections and politics in general so annoying in this country due to the fact that their are not many options. You’re one or another and you can’t be anything in the middle. After learning how this got started and how it developed over time I find myself just hoping that one day we can figure out how to run a government without parties.


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October 20, 2020 5:56 pm

This was really interesting. I thought it was a great explanation of how the two-party system started. I really like how you started out the post by saying why you had problems with the two-party system as well.

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