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Some psychologists claim that dreams are the firing of neurons during a state of rest, while others suggest that dreams are a window into our subconscious. Other’s say that dreams prepare us for future challenges and are an adaptive survival mechanism. Most dreaming happens during REM (rapid eye movement). During this time, the brain is in an active state, but you are in a state of paralysis. When in a dream state, the emotional side of the brain is more active than the logical side, which helps explain why dreams can be emotional. REM dreams have been proven to be more vivid and fantastical. Dreaming can be used as a coping mechanism. When we are under a lot of stress we tend to remember our dreams. A recent study showed that lucid dreaming may be associated with psychological well-being.

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October 20, 2021 2:03 am

Hi Neve. Your post helped to learn something new. Sometimes I experience a lot of different feeling in my dreams, and it felt like I am experiencing it in real life.

October 4, 2021 3:15 am

Very cool article and post! This immediately reminded me of an experience I had recently with sleep paralysis. I woke up in the middle of the night and was immediately overcome with terror and fear that was emanating off a black figure standing before my bed. I had to force my eyes open to see it, but I couldn’t move any more than that. I forgot how it ended, but I’ve never experienced anything like it in my life. It was crazy. Researchers don’t know much about it, but if you’re interested, you should check out this article. . It has a lot of the common experiences and information about sleep paralysis.

September 21, 2021 12:33 am

I am intrigued by your post “Why do we dream and does mental health affect our dreams?” because you explain how our emotions are active during the dreaming state which influences our dreams. Also how dreams show us subliminal messages about how we feel emotionally which creates that dream reality.
Two sentences that stood out to me were “A recent study showed that lucid dreaming may be associated with psychological well-being.” and “REM dreams have been proven to be more vivid and fantastical.” These stood out to me because Lucid dreaming helps the sleeper gain control of their dreams and what’s happening while REM dreams is a rapid movement in the eyes allowing the sleeper to have more vivid dreams.
Thanks for writing this article. I look forward to seeing what you write next time because I know a way through lucid dreaming is through meditation.

September 17, 2021 8:35 pm

I think this is such an interesting thing to think about. And its really hard to understand what is the true meaning behind dreams. Like you mentioned there are different theories which psychologists cant agree with. I really find it interesting to see all the different theories and how in some way I agree with all of them depending on the night and what dreams I have

September 17, 2021 7:51 pm

What an interesting topic this is! I tend to dream right when I’m waking up and right when I’m falling asleep, so during the REM time you mentioned. I think it would be interesting for you to look into the possible meanings of dreams. Do they symbol things going on in your life, or are they completely random?

Meaghan Madlena
Meaghan Madlena
September 17, 2021 7:50 pm

I have always wondered about what causes dreaming and why it feels like it goes on for hours when it is just a few minutes, so I would love to see if you found research behind that. It’s interesting how you included the fact that our dreams are affected by our emotional state since the emotional side of our brain is more active while dreaming than our logical side. I have also been interested in learning more about lucid dreaming so I am happy to see that you included that as well. The thought of us having control over what we are dreaming is really interesting to me.

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