Do you ever catch yourself procrastinating? Eating unhealthy? Befriending terrible people? Staying in a dreadful relationship? Overspending? Yeah, me too. So I have been wondering why do we do all these awful things that are not beneficent to us? And the answer that I have come to is that it is because we do not love ourselves enough and that we lack determination to treat ourselves right. Immediate pleasure is something that we all want, and rarely will you find people who would rather take late-term pleasure over immediate pleasure. Especially in our society today, we value speediness, feeling good, and accomplishment. 
I think the reason that most of us treat ourselves despicably is because we lose sight of the greater picture, degrading ourselves, and keeping low self-esteem don’t help reach success and a greater way of living. A great example of this is unhealthy eating. Turning down unhealthy food is so hard to do, and the reason for that is because it just looks, tastes, and smells so good. But if you look at the greater picture, it has been proven that unhealthy diets that are not mainly plant-based cause deadly cancers and abhorrent diseases. Eating unhealthy can cause long term detrimental eating habits which can lead to poor diet, increased weight, and lack of motivation for exercise. So is it really worth it to eat that all that processed meat or that dozen of donuts? 
I think the best way to start doing things that benefit us is to train ourselves to love ourselves again, reflect, and change our mindsets. With a positive support system, we have the ability to accomplish anything. Changing our mindset would make a world of difference, like instead of saying “I should go on a run today” to “I want to go on a run today” would change our thought process from negative to positive, and only good things could come from this. Knowing that success is about progress, not perfection is also key to this concept. Even just going through the motions and pushing through will help create good, long lasting habits. Perfection is difficult to reach, but overtime you will just keep getting closer the harder you work. The last thing that would drastically change our quality of life would be by keeping it small and simple (KISS). Small goals are more achievable, and the accumulation of more accomplished goals leads to positive changes, leading to success. Remember, life is all about putting yourself in uncomfortable situations and learning from your experience. 

Why do you think we do things we know aren’t good for us? Are we just too comfortable with doing bad things for us? Do distractions, excuses, and confusion keep us from being great human beings?

8 Reasons We Don’t Do Things We Should and How To Break the Mould

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November 17, 2017 3:38 pm

Dear Mia,
This article was so profound. I can truly relate to this, I think a lot of people can. This made me realize a lot of things. You sure do need self love to feel good about yourself, self love is everything. My favorite line was, “Perfection is difficult to reach, but overtime you will just keep getting closer the harder you work.” That line really stood out to me because it is so true. You have to work so hard to reach for something you really want. You have to lover yourself as well. I believe this article is really important, it tells us a lot of how to yourselves which is important. Thank you for sharing this.

November 16, 2017 6:02 am

I wish I could print this off and put this on a plaque in my school. Myself and other people, could surely relate to what this post means. But you said it yourself, “I think the best way to start doing things that benefit us is to train ourselves to love ourselves again”, once we love ourselves, we can put ourselves back on track to good behavior. This article is very telling about how to love yourself: Thank you for posting this.’

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