In the article, ”Gun Demanding: The Psychology of Why People Want Firearms” (Burnett 2018) I learned about the psychology of gun owners. After several mass shootings, the topic of gun control has become a heated debate in America. One side strongly believes in the right to bear arms while the opposing person feels a need for gun control.  Amid the fire, Neurologist Dean Burnett answers the overlooked question of “Why do people want firearms?”. He talks about protection, recreation, paranoia, insecurity, social and cultural pressures, and everything else.

Personally, if I’m out with my family and feel danger is nearby, knowing that I have a form of defense on me would comfort the situation. Without a gun, gun owners feel paranoid and insecure. More specifically these people may feel vulnerable or “unclothed.” I believe protecting yourself and your family is vital and a gun would do the job. If someone breaks into my house I’m not going to come rushing at them with a broom, you can’t bring a sword to a gunfight and that’s just how it is. He also tells us that firearms provide a sense of security. He makes comparisons of a firearm to a big guard dog and security lights. He also gives us an example of keeping up with the latest iPhone which ties into the social and cultural factors of owning up-to-date devices. This is essential to many people and the same idea can be true with guns. Another idea is that if every American is armed, a simple pistol wouldn’t be as useful. This calls for more and bigger guns. Overall, we must understand why people want guns to regulate them better because gun owners are less likely to comply with being criticized. 

As I learn more about gun rights and gun violence, I want to know more about how gun owners feel about gun control. Is it possible to find a middle ground in the debate?

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