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Leaving home to go away to college is hard on many students. Although living away from home is an emotional rollercoaster, there are many benefits for doing this. Some people choose to live at home to save money, but are uninformed about the amount of money they will spend on transportation. “Car insurance, maintenance, gas, tolls, and parking (and parking tickets!) can add up quickly (Koprowski).” Koprowski states that colleges that give out grants and loans may only be applied to on-campus expenses. Being a college student requires an immense amount of work. “Even a half-hour commute to and from campus will have a big impact on your study and socialization time, especially during exam periods or if your courses require a lot of group work (Koprowski).” 

Many students choose to live on campus to get a feel for being independent. Living away from home, you take on new responsibilities like doing the laundry, creating your own schedule, and cleaning your apartment or dorm. states that we need to “Experience the whole package of college life by living on campus. Enjoy your college experience. Make memories, friendships and maybe find a mate in the process. Why the rush? You have the rest of your life to live off campus (Sagu).” Living on campus is an easy step to preparing yourself for the future of living independently. Not only will we experience life as an independent student and better our time and money, but we will also lean on each other and the resources offered in the campus environment. 

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