1. Abbey 12 months ago

    Hi Livia! I completely agree with what you are saying here and I think that it is so important to bring up the topic because I think a lot of the time people hide behind what they are scared of and they do nothing to fight back. Us as children are doing what we can to make sure that we have the future that we deserve and adults should be doing the same, not standing idly by as our entire planet goes under. Here is another article that I think you would like! https://www.nytimes.com/2019/09/20/climate/global-climate-strike.html

  2. Isa 1 year ago

    I fully agree with this, I think adults have gotten lazy or given up. They always say that it’s up to us since it’s going to be our world. The truth is though that we weren’t the ones that screwed it up so adults should take responsibility and do something so we aren’t left with a world that we can’t help.

    • Author
      Livia 1 year ago

      🙂 Thank u for agreeing im so tired of adults

  3. Matthew 1 year ago

    Hi Livia! We know each other in real life but I’m gonna be excessively formal. I appreciate this article, and I agree that children are put under way too much stress. I also agree that adults not doing anything to solve these problems is very dumb. If the voting age were lowered, we could actually do stuff! Anyways check out my post its way better than this one (that was a lie for a joke this article is also very good) AND it kinda relates sort of


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