Why can’t you just be happy for once? by Maddie

December 4, 2020


Why can’t you just be happy for once?

Endlessly drowning in a pool full of emotions and weight. Paralyzed with fear and a place I could not escape. It all starts with your brain, reminding you what happened last time or the time before. The constant recurrence of memory nuancing your mistakes and failures. Anxiety. Throughout my entire life, I have had anxiety and it has controlled the way I think, act, and socialize with those around me. Many people without anxiety struggle to comprehend the very concept of mental health and how your brain is the control center telling you how to feel or how to act. Today, anxiety is stigmatized as something that can be “fixed” and has an overall impact on how the world, families, and communities react to people with mental health conditions. 

“One of the hardest parts of being a parent is watching our children struggle and not knowing how to help them (heysigmund.com).” Parents are our biggest cheerleaders in life and they teach you how to reach for the stars in everything you do. But your first instinct should never be to “fix it” and move on. Anxiety and other mental illnesses alike are not fixable but they are treated so you can cope with the disorder. Parents want what is best for you but sometimes they don’t realize that it is not only scary for them as parents but also for the person who has anxiety. Instead of “fixing it,” let them know that they are supported and loved! Furthermore it states, “All they’ll know is that they feel as though something bad might happen. This might come to you in many ways, including ‘what ifs’, avoidance, anger, tears, a sick tummy. Everything inside them is telling them something isn’t right, so being told there’s nothing to worry about won’t help, and runs the risk of making things worse. There’s a good reason for this (heysigmund.com).” When you say “just move on,” “just be happy”, or “stop worrying” it makes the person feel even worse because they start to feel more like a burden and it causes them to then overthink about everything. Overall, anxiety is something that can never just be pushed aside or “fixed” ; it is something that you have to learn to cope with and live your life to the fullest. Remember that you are loved, appreciated, and cared for; and that “No matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true (theodysseyonline.com).” 

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