In the article,¨Young and Unemployed,¨ I learned that all over the world many young people have been affected by the pandemic and are unemployed because of it. In the U.S. 12 percent of young are unemployed many are resorting to internships, moving back home, or returning to school.

Years of job growth have disappeared in a matter of months leaving more than twice as many young people as other adults out of work. Young people are overrepresented in sectors where jobs are disappearing including travel, retail, and hospitality. Since all jobs like that are disappearing more and more people are going back to school and it’s all becoming a big competition for entry-level.

I think what is happening to many young people during this pandemic is only lowering their expectations now because they need any type of job to support themselves. It must be horrible to be jobless in need of financial support especially if they have their own place. I hope this pandemic goes away sooner or later because no one deserves to be jobless even if you have a career.

What is the unemployment rate where you live?



  1. Sam 4 weeks ago

    This is a very interesting article. Young being unemployed is a pretty serious issue. I actually lost my job back in March when Covid first hit and my job title was officially terminated because it was no longer necessary during the pandemic. Currently, in Utah, the unemployment rate is 3.6%. It increased when Covid hit and has stayed at this rate ever since.

  2. Alyssa 4 weeks ago

    I hadn’t really thought of the repercussions of young people being unemployed, so this was very interesting to read about! I never thought about the effect that many young people going back to school instead of working could create a lot of competition for not only getting into college but also getting a job afterwards.

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