Why are Literary Art Publications Good for Schools? by Susannah

December 14, 2020


Why are Literary Art Publications Good for Schools?

What importance do literary arts publications have for schools?  Many students enjoy literary arts in their free time, and some even create their own.  You may ask, “Why are literary arts publications necessary for schools? Students could just keep their work to themselves or share it on social media.” I’m here to answer those questions.

Many beginning writers and writers in general keep their work to themselves (including artists).  They don’t see the people around them doing the same things, and most have nobody to look up to who can help them improve.  I understand this all too well- when I first started writing stories a few years back, I never shared any of my work, not even with friends and family.  Maybe it was some sort of ego that went “You can’t show anyone your work until you’re good enough to be praised.”  But that’s the thing- you can’t improve your work, or at least make big improvements unless you let people see it and help. 

By having a literary arts publication, students are able to see the work that their peers have done so they know that they’re not alone in their hobbies. They can find people who share the same interests and help each other improve.  Literary arts publications can also inspire them to try harder and aim to get their work on the publication.  While it’s true you could also share your work with people on social media, some students don’t have access to those things and a school publication might be the only resource they have.