Lately things in the world haven’t been the same. Kids have been dealing with school gun violence and citizens haven been standing up for what they believe in, for example the most popular movement #BlackLivesMatter. Things are getting worst and it feels as if no one is listening. Why isn’t there any help coming from the government with things such as the police being able to kill for no reason. I stand for whats right and these things that have been going on are not right. Its no reason kids shouldn’t feel safe with going to school.
This year alone has been the biggest eye opener for the shootings in schools and the killings against black lives and the police. I have been standing up for both these matters and I don’t take them very lightly. I put these situations in my own perspective with what if that happened to me how would things play out or what if that was my relative how would I feel. I couldn’t imagine anything happening to my sibling while at school nor walking or just out and get into something with the police and not being able to see or hear from them again. I also think black lives shouldn’t only matter when the police is the suspect but black on black crime is also a problem.
We have people in our world that’s crying for help but where are the listeners. Where are the ones who are supposed to be there to hear our cry or hear that we want things to change and we want there to be a difference. When will we ever be taken serious and the change gets actually put into action. When will our hard work we are fighting for ever pay off. I want our schools to be safe again and actually be learning environments instead of gun ranges.
I also want our streets to be safe and not hearing of killings happening across the country just because they “THOUGHT” it was gun. Stephon Clark, a 22-year-old black man was shot 20 times because his cell phone was mistaken for a gun. There isn’t no way someone needs to be shot 20 times just because of a mistaken object not even trying to find a solution with talking but automatic violence. Then you have the Parkland shooting in Florida where 17 kids had to die in school due to someone wanting to shoot up a school where kids go to learn and become great. America please listen to our cry, please hear our voices we are loud and screaming for your attention and your help. We need active listeners.




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