Who should we blame for our products not being ethically made? by Veronica

June 24, 2021


Who should we blame for our products not being ethically made?

According to Anna McCullen the businesses and brands are the ones responsible for ensuring that our products are ethically manufactured. McCullen writes in an editorial, “It isn’t the responsibility of the consumer to feel guilty about buying what is readily available in shops.” She states this because if businesses would’ve just treated their workers properly they wouldn’t have to think twice about having to buy a simple shirt that was made in Bangladesh.

Do you agree that the consumer is less responsible?x

Brands also have the fault for this because if brands didn’t promote nonethical clothing we wouldn’t have to look closely at the shirt to see if they were made ethically.  Businesses mostly should take the responsibility because if “In a country where a little hand shake and a small exchange of money gets the job done, this process often fails to give an accurate picture of factory conditions, building and fire safety.”

Fast fashion does this to companies driving them crazy just for cheaper prices but doesn’t care if it’s ethically made as long as they have got their money. If brands really cared about giving their consumers a good deal they shouldn’t have to take it too far to the point that they know they might be risking someone’s life.  Businesses know that what they are doing isn’t right and they still continue to do it. If more consumers knew that these “small exchanges” were happening just for Fast fashion clothing and businesses aren’t spending money on the safety of their workers they wouldn’t support the brands promoting such a horrible company.

I agree with McCullen but I also disagree. I believe that it’s the business’s fault for letting fast fashion get to them which resulted in many workers getting hurt. It’s the brand’s fault as well for promoting an industry that doesn’t care about safety and only cares about cheaper prices. The consumer should also take half of the responsibility for ensuring that our products are ethically manufactured since we do encourage brands to get more products from industries that don’t make clothes ethically.