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In the article, “Should Schools Punish Off-Campus Cyberbullying?” cyberbullying is a major issue that is increasing.  Statistics show that both middle and high school students have most likely experienced cyberbullying.  The article also states that most students dealing with cyberbullying are often dealing with bullying in person.  There is some debate on whether this issue should be dealt with at home or in school.

It is important that bullying is dealt with both in and out of school.  The reason for this is that cyberbullying goes into school life and most of the time the bullying is done by someone at school so it is important to discuss the bullying in both environments.  Also, if cyberbullying is dealt with only at home the parent may be biased on the situation and may not know how to handle the situation properly.  Having the school being involved in any way could help balance the appropriate way of handling the situation without being biased.

How can cyberbullying be decreased?

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February 24, 2021 3:08 pm

Dear Aaliyah,
I was a cyber victim as well and I think that we should inform the schools about cyber bullying.
I’ve had run-ins with cyber-bullies on the web without people to protect but now I have my family, friends and teachers. Cyber-bullying can be decreased for those who speak out and ask for help.

February 18, 2021 10:32 pm

Hey Aaliyah, Cyber Bullying is something the goes around very casually, Yes I indeed say casually but it’s how the world is nowadays. We need to stand up for change. Everything starts of with school don’t get me wrong. People making fun of people is a daily thing but to a certain extent. Once feelings are hurt that’s the ending line. Not many people know how to stop so its something I believe needs to be taught at home.

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