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Who I am.

 I am Sydney Stephens, I like to be called Syd most of the time. Something to know about me is that I am always moving around. I love to be active and participate in sports. Some sports that I participate in is lacrosse, cross country, track, skiing, snowboarding, and scuba diving. When I am not moving around I am probably at school or my home. I was born January 3rd, 2003. For nine months of the year I live in Michigan, for the other three I live fifteen miles outside of Philadelphia.

     In school I think I am best at writing and art. Science has never been my favorite subject, I have also been really bad at it over the years. Math is another subject I am not very fond of. I have always liked being creative, and writing gives me an opportunity to do that.  In my community I like to do community service. My favorite is going into elementary schools and helping the kids learn how to read and write better.

     I know many people in my life that have a mental illness. Many of my friends have anxiety and/or depression. I remember in middle school I had a classmate that was always tired and she never had the energy to do anything. I can remember being frustrated with her because she would never participate in group discussion. I never knew that she was struggling with depression and social anxiety until we were friends later that year. I think that this is important to be because after that I have become more tolerant when dealing with people and working together.

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October 24, 2019 2:10 am

Dear Sydney,

I am excited with your post,” Who I am,” because you have to be doing some sport oh helping in some programs.One phrase that stands out to me is “My favorite is to go to elementary schools and help children learn to read and write better.” I think this is surprising, there are not many people who, apart from those who like to do a lot of sports, allude other smaller children to learn how to read or how to write.
Thanks for your writing. I hope to see what you write next, because you a lot of freight aces and I would like to know how they go with them and how they are going to read and write, I would like to find out when they began to read better

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