The important thing to know about me is that I like to play around with the people and I like to make people happy and I love when they laugh because of me. I was born in July, 23 and I used to lived in South Africa. In the school, I like to do reading and algebra. Out of the school I like to go outside and watching T.V. and talking with family. I am particularly good at in patience. I never show my feelings to anyone when I feel sad or and feel alone I never show anyone I never told anyone. And if someone said to me something bad I just control myself and didn’t say anything to them back. I got this way when I left my parents. I have a dream to become a lawyer and make proud to my parents and my uncle. I want to be a famous lawyer in the whole world.   


When I immigrate my life was totally changed. My education become more easier than South Africa. My english improve quickly. I have More freedom. I can go outside alone I have so many people in my neighborhood. I can go for a walk alone and free. In South Africa we got scared to came out our house. When we want to came out we always have to wait for my brother or cousin and then they took us outside in the car and it was boring. When I came to U.S.A. my English was so weak and I thought that the English is hard but now I feel that here english is more easier than South Africa. My family structure was changed too. They could not spend more time with us. They were so busy in their work and we were also busy in our school and study. But I think that these changes were positive. I like to speak in their language and my English and their English is so different but I love to talk in their English.


In the school, the one girl fought with one guy. She go by principle and she said to her that guy hit her on her back and she wrote so many wrong things about him. And then next day principle called her mother and told her that they fired her son from the school and he got scared and he asked her so she said that you can come on tomorrow I’ll tell you everything. He went next day and the principle told her everything and he said that he didn’t do anything but they didn’t listen to him and they said if you apologize then they can forgive him and you can come to school again. And at the last he said sorry to her and they said you can come after five days. That was unfair to him and they didn’t listen to him. The girl was lying and she was so happy. His every friends said that he didn’t do like that, he didn’t do anything. He was a good guy. And I think that it was unfair to that boy.




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