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Even though my name means joy, my life wasn’t as joyful. Farah Louis is my name. I was born in a very hot place overseas: Iraq. My family and I lived in a one-bedroom house that brought the whole family together. After 7 years of waiting impatiently, dealing with wars and how we will survive, our visa arrived. We got to the U.S in 2012. How did my life go from living in Iraq in danger to San Diego, California, the city people go to for vacations? Our eyes were wide open to the point they almost fell out of our heads. Even though it was so beautiful, we didn’t belong there and weren’t able to get the help we needed. That’s why we ended up moving to Michigan, which is where many of our relatives lived and helped us throughout the years. Here I am now; a senior in Okemos High School, living the teenage dream and leaving the dark shadow behind.

Many people say that math is their worst subject. It is the complete opposite for me. I loved math since the first grade and still do to this moment. I joined the Water Polo team and fell in love with the sport. The rest of my freetime is do my chores, my homework, and serve volunteer hours in the community. ACTION and National Honor Society are my two volunteering clubs that I’m a part of in school. ACTION is a club that everyone is welcomed to join and they help you with signing up to all different types of volunteering you could do. This is a simple way to give something back to our communities. It is my last year in school and I can never be more excited for the next chapter of my life and live every single day to the fullest. 

I feel safe walking down the street in my community. Being raised in a place that you are afraid to take one step outside the house plays a major role in this feeling. Communicating with people in the U.S. had me believe that people are friendly and barely want to hurt people if you don’t do anything to hurt them. Even though I believe there are multiple people everywhere on Earth that would cause harm to others, I believe that there are way more people who would help if I were to be in trouble. I strongly agree that my community is safe and I am in a better place now.

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October 15, 2019 2:42 pm

Your lead hooked me in right away. It makes me want to read on in order to understand what you mean by “wasn’t as joyful.” It was interesting to learn things about you that I never knew, and I’m excited to learn more! I feel that I could hear your voice as I read your bio, not just while listening to the audio.

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