Which type of pet is the best to have? by Nyasa

May 9, 2017


Which type of pet is the best to have?

Many people argue about what kind of pet they want or they should have. Some people have cats, dogs, fish, pigs, etc. I think the best type of pet would be a dog. Any type of dog; if it’s a golden retriever, a husky, or a bulldog. Firstly, dogs are adorable and very playful. They are really cute and obviously are amazing to have. They can play with you for as long as they want. However if it’s time to sleep, they aren’t able to continue playing. If they are tired for some reason, they will still continue to play with their owners until they sleep. Any type of dog you get, they will be cute and playful.

Another reason dogs are the best pets is because they are very comforting, intelligent and loyal. They truly are “a man’s best friend”. So, lets say someone comes from work or school and they are very tired. As soon as you enter the house/room, they will run to the door. If you’re stressed or not feeling well they will always be right there on your side and comfort you. They are very loving and give you love in return for your love. You can hug them, pet them, play with them, and they would not mind any of that. They in fact want the owners to love them unconditionally. Also, they are very smart animals. They understand so many words/commands humans say, and listen to them. All dogs have these few special traits.

A third reason dogs are one of a kind is because they help improve a person’s mental and physical health. For example, children who grow up in homes with dogs are less likely to develop common allergies. Studies show that children who were exposed to furry pets, such as dogs, as kids are less than 50% as likely to develop any sort of allergies. Also, petting your dog can reduce stress. If someone really concentrates on the texture of their fur, the warmth they radiate, and their comforting deep breaths. When you connect with them, it actually reduces your stress. This is a very good reason for why a dog would be/is the best pet.