Which is a better alternative: Online School vs. Traditional School? by Aria

March 21, 2020


Which is a better alternative: Online School vs. Traditional School?

As the pandemic known as COVID-19 or better known as the coronavirus has become widespread and caused a global pandemonium, students ranging from all ages have had to shift from traditional classes to online classes. They have been receiving homework via online to keep up with their graduation requirements. Governors in each state are requiring that schools close down and suggesting the concept of social distancing by not being in big crowds to reduce the spread of the coronavirus as it affects elderly people. For instance, my school allowed us to come earlier this week on Monday to retrieve our books and anything else we needed from our lockers before the shutdown. It is an anxious and stressful time for both teachers adn students as adjustments to the school calendar are made and new material is prepared via online for the students to stay on track.

The nice thing about doing online schooling is that it’s online, making it very flexible for the student. For instance, the student may complete the homework at any time during the day resulting in faster and early completion. Like me, they can wake up early and get the work done or they can sleep in late and do it later. Students may be very busy due to their family life taking a lot of their time from their schedule and delaying them to get their online homework done efficiently and on time as My College Guide puts it: “Most online courses provide you with more flexibility than a traditional on-campus class. This means you can do your coursework around your work schedule and family life. Rather than needing to attend a 9:00am class every week, you can, for the most part, choose when you study, so long as you submit your work by the deadlines given” (My College Guide, 2020).  

There are also hard but feasible commitments with online classes such as the student learning to have self-discipline and self-motivation for them to navigate through the self-teaching process due to not having face to face interaction with the teacher as the University of the People The Education Revolution puts it: “While professors are still accessible digitally and within forums online, there are no physical office hours where you can meet your professor face to face. Although video conferencing is an option for some, it is a different set-up than the traditional environment” (University of the People The Education Revolution, 2020).


 For instance, if the student needed to get help with a math problem, instead of waiting until the end of the traditional school day to physically go talk to the teacher they would have to send the teacher an email asking for help. Another con on top of this is the teacher taking too long to respond resulting in an anxious student because the teacher has so many other emails to respond to due to the questions and concerns proposed by the student body. Overall, it really depends on the student’s preferential option and learning style.