This is going to be a bit of a meander as I rabble with some sources thrown in.

I’m going to start off with why we shouldn’t kill everything and then work my way down to where we should draw the line between sentient life and food. To start killing things decrease total life while also often causing pain. Further it destroys all possibilities for future positive experiences and world betterment. However, some things need to die so that other things can continue existing. In a cost benefit analysis where should be draw the line to maximize good living and minimize loss of life.

To start, why shouldn’t we kill everything?

  • It removes life
  • Removes possibilities for future positive experiences and world benefit

But we need to eat so therefore some things must die so we keep living

  • Some things must die
    • How do we decide what


Its wrong kill and use both humans and animals.

Reasons why its wrong to kill humans:

  • right to life (why do humans get this but not animals)
    • Humans get because they do more for the world
      • It is ok to kill and eat humans that don’t do things for the world
  • Humans experience pain
    • animals also experience pain
      • Killing humans and animals is ok if it is painless
  • Animals are raised to be killed
    • Because the animal was raised to be killed at least it gets some existence then must die so that another animal can be raised and used
      • If we raised humans to live then die so that more could take their place and repeat this process that would be moral
  • Animals being killed is the natural way of life
    • People killing people used to be the natural way of life as well. If your neighbor had something you wanted you could kill them for it.
      • Animals aren’t capable of peaceful interactions and cooperation
        • Herd animals exhibit similar cooperation to humans and can exist on their own

Reasons why it is wrong to kill both humans and animals

  • Pain is experienced
    • Pain of one life traded for joy of more?
      • Joy of a life not alive should be valued less than the joy of a life currently alive

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