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Are we really free? When we think of American creed the first things that comes  to mind is our value for liberty, However If you don’t pay income tax they lock you up, if you don’t pay property tax they take your land if you don’t play by their ridiculous rules you’re better off dead. Our country is being taken over, but not by foreign invaders, but by leaders, whom of which refuse to abide by the constitution that has held us together for so many years. Federal government seems to be the root of all evil, the IRS, ATF, NSA, CIA and far too many more are outlaw programs that invade our privacy and abuse the people that they supposedly serve under.

For starters the ATF is a huge threat to our constitution and has been since the 30s. They enforce an unconstitutional act called the NFA (National firearms act) which has all sorts of the amendments and statutes attached to it the limit our second amendment rights, a few of the regulations attached to the NFA would be the registration of machine guns, short barrel shotguns and short barrel rifles. What ever happened to “the right of a people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed” as found in the second amendment.

the Hughes amendment which was intended to protect gun owners and is attached to the FOPA (Firearms Owners protection Act) but the manufacturing ban on fully automatic weapons was slipped under the rug and now a civilian can’t buy a automatic weapon after 1986. A lot of politicians say the American people don’t need these “destructive devices”, although the vary reason for the second amendment is to protect us from the government and the vary fact the a politician or agency would attempt to take power from the American people and centralize that power to the government, that individual or group of individual should be charged for treason.

The IRS knows every detail about your life, they can find very purchase you made, all your banking information, all car and house payments and if the want they she the ability to drain your accounts dry. The fourth amendment states “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures”. Then NSA is not much different as exposed in vault 7, a massive CIA data dump published by wikileaks these agencies can hack and monitor our cars, TVs, cell phones, smart watches and anything that can connect to the internet.

We as a people have let our freedom slide away and it’s most likely from allowing our government value the society over the individual, when this happens the rights of the individual are trampled. results are the overall damage of the society. As said by Ben Franklin “those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” in conclusion value the freedom you have an alwas push for more. 


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