I am from Umbrellas,

Pond’s Cream and Valeriana.  

I am from choo-choo trains to Flying    Kites that soar through the air. From using Imagination to create the atmosphere I want. I am from piggyback rides to swinging and water gun fights in my Cousin’s back yard. ( i felt cold, wet, and a tingly feeling the sprayed water left).

I am from running on the soft Dirt and where the breeze whips my face. The smell of Lavender in the air. When I return after all these years I will feel Nostalgic.

I am from The Last Supper By Leonardo da Vinci and clay Models of the Sun and Moon.

I am from Octavio and Lorena.

I’m from the Migraines,

from Stop it right now! and Do your best!

I am from the Prayers that would protect me and keep me Holy.

I’m from Santa Marta and Chinantla,

I am from the land my Great Grandfather owned and how extortionist wanted to end the life of my Great Grandfather for Land. The Extortionist never came back to slay.

In the closet, the photos that can tell stories lay. Well organized but slightly dusty. Old pictures of my whole family before any of the dissolution.

Where I am from is a warm and welcoming family that’ll always be treasured in my heart. I am from a huge tree,  getting taller with new Branches growing as generations go by.

Photo by Moyan_Brenn


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July 24, 2017 3:52 pm

What I like about your’s poem that you use fantasy and your thinking

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