I am from Oakland . A place that has violence on any street you cross.  I used to live in a neighborhood where all you see is people with guns and knives. I am from respect, confidence, carefulness, I am from everything my family and support made me be. I am Edwin Montano 115-year-old teen that goes to a high school to do everything he can to keep his grades good . I am the only one in the school that really cares . there are some of us that just don’t care about education . We think we can achieve anything , I am from so many things . One thing for sure is that I’m not the only one here thinking about my education , some people don’t even know their punctuation where I’m from . I am from years of having haters against me . Thanks to that I am here typing and for surely I’m not lying.

So pretty much I’m from hard work , discipline. I am from everything there is to be about me , I come from a family of 6 I am the oldest and boldest of my siblings . Everyday when I take bus down to my house from school. Oakland isn’t all bad . I come from a neighborhood of good people. I am from a good family, I have responsibility, capabilities and more. Never will I give up because I have people that support me . There are many things and work ahead of me but I will take them head on.

I come from Oakland. There are more good things than bad thing here. I am from what I made myself. What am I? I’m just a 15 year old teen doing my best in school to have a better life in the future . I will not stop till I succeed in all my goals. I am Edwin Montano proud American. This is me and I’m proud to be.

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October 13, 2016 6:33 pm

Edwin, thank you for writing and for sharing. I am glad that you care and that you believe we can achieve anything. You are lucky to have a good family. Keep up your striving and believing and writing!

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