I  am from Dominican Republic where in the morning you wake up with El escandalo de la guaguita announcing “Tenemos platanos maduro, platano verde, yuca, batata…..” or the sound of the gallo.

I am from el medio dia, when everybody is getting out of work to go eat at their house and go back to work at 2, when the traffic jam is the most difficult thing that you can see and you can be in.

I am from the place where, in the afternoon, you see every kid playing in the streets, mostly on a bike, and in a few seconds you see them crying “AY mami me cai”and the Mother saying  “Yo te dije a ti que dejara de montar esa bicicleta pero, como tu no entiende, cualquiera te da encima del golpe ese”.

I am from kids not doing what they have to do and their moms yelling “Mira co**.. tu quiere que yo te faje a pecosa?”. Where, when your mom tells you to go to the store to buy something you say no but when she says “ ve que sobran 5 peso cogelo para ti” you go right away to the store.

I am from 8pm, when you see every mother screaming your name “Crismeylin entra para la casa ya” “quiere que te vaya a buscar con un palo” because at 8pm you have to be in your house taking a bath and about to eat dinner to go watch tv or go to sleep. Where I am from is the most beautiful place for me to be at.

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October 23, 2018 5:01 pm

This was very well written, I liked how you went between english and Spanish to really relate the story to where you are from. You were very descriptive, and I could really picture in my head the place you were talking about. Great Job!

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