Grant Wakeland

Dawn Reed

American Literature

31 May 2017


Where Did Nuclear Power Go?

In recent years the issue of Climate Change has been brought into the light as a major issue of the world, many solutions have been proposed but one of the most viable and readily available options in today’s society is the use of Nuclear Power as opposed to the use of coal. Nuclear Power is clean and does not give off carbon that heats the Earth’s atmosphere, In an article written by Dave Levitan it is stated that “Nuclear power today accounts for around 10 percent of the total electricity generation around the world”(Levitan), after reading this statistic I was very surprised that Nuclear Power accounted for so little of the total energy produced around the world, this really put the energy situation into perspective for me and helped me realize how much more we could be utilizing Nuclear Power. Many people do not realize the importance that Nuclear Power could play in our society if used correctly, Nuclear Power could help to eliminate the problem of climate change all together by replacing the harmful carbon emitting power sources. Nuclear Power uses the fission of Uranium atoms to produce steam which then turns turbines to generate electricity, this process does not harm the environment and only produces Nuclear waste which can be safely stored underground where it decays. Even though Nuclear Power is very safe when it is properly controlled many people still voice their opinions of outrage and opposition towards its use. Most people who oppose the use of Nuclear Power are scared of a Nuclear meltdown or accident like the one at Fukushima in Japan or at Three Mile Island in Pennsylvania but their fears are irrational. Nuclear Power is one of the safest uses of energy when utilized correctly, also if more Nuclear Power is utilized it will help decrease the number of natural disasters. Due to climate change the annual temperatures will only increase to the extremes and decrease to the extremes which will increase the number of natural disasters in the world which is one of the leading causes to why Nuclear Power plants meltdown. Therefore if we use more Nuclear Power the number of natural disasters would theoretically decrease which in turn would decrease the number of Nuclear Power accidents. Lately there has been a push for more Nuclear Power in the world due to pressure from climate change, with new technology and improved reactors Nuclear power has a chance to make a comeback. In a video produced by Vox the positives and negatives to modern Nuclear Power are displayed as well as an explanation for why many still oppose it. This video helps to create an important conversation and discussion about the future of energy in the world and the future of our world in general.

Nuclear Power is much more important than most people realize and will only be debated further as the issue of climate change persists and becomes more important. When used correctly Nuclear Power can offer a solution to the heating of earth’s atmosphere by using an alternative energy source.





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  1. Evan 4 years ago

    Great critical conversation Grant! I really liked your point about decreases in natural disasters caused by the use of nuclear power, it sounds very familiar. I was wondering how much the amount of natural disasters have increased in recent years.

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