When using the internet and technology, do we have as much privacy as we think we do? by Matt

December 20, 2018


When using the internet and technology, do we have as much privacy as we think we do?

There are many ways in which our internet activity is tracked. That includes our search history, location, etc. Some of this data is shared without our consent, but we sometimes we agree to share this information without realizing it. It is an increasing problem as more tracking tools are being developed.
Internet advertisements are designed to target the user based on their shopping history.

This CBC article is an example of how that can be a problem. It talks about how the internet advertisements ruined a surprise Christmas gift for a child. Websites have advertisements personalized for the user to appeal to them based off their shopping and search history. There could also be similar problems such as a proposal being spoiled due to engagement ring advertisements on the internet. It could ruin some very important things.

According to the New York Times, at least 75 companies receive location data from apps whose users enable location. Data could then be sold to companies without our knowledge. People are trying to keep their information safe from hackers, government, and peers. They do that with computer protection programs, strong passwords, using spam filters, etc. Pew Research says that hackers are who people most fear being observed by.

To keep our internet information private, both the producers and consumers need to take action. People using the internet need to be aware of what they’re agreeing to. The creators should have a setting to turn off data sharing. Maybe the government should have the role of overseeing this. The reason that some ads are free is because they sell our information. To make more money, I think they should increase advertisements or make people pay for their app. People should be able to use technology freely without being tracked and for that to happen those things need to happen.