What’s Next for Nuclear Energy in 2021 by Sam

March 16, 2022


What’s Next for Nuclear Energy in 2021

The Biden Administration has set a goal for America: it will be carbon neutral by 2050. The nuclear energy Institute believes that nuclear energy will be integral to the US reaching this goal. Due to technological limitations in solar and wind energy production, nuclear energy is the only source of clean energy that has the capabilities to sustain the US’s energy requirements as it quickly weans itself off fossil fuels. Thanks to advancements in the private sector, nuclear energy is getting safer every day. But, Federal funding and support are required to ensure that Nuclear Energy can best support America’s energy needs until 2050. Because solar and wind energy capabilities are not yet up to the task of supplying all of America’s energy, nuclear can act as a stop-gap, which will allow the US to move away from fossil fuels, while developing even cleaner and more efficient energy sources to ensure America is 1005 carbon-neutral by 2050.

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