The story of my name, Carlos. is kind of funny. My favorite uncle was called Carlos, so my mom wanted to name me Carlos after him, and also because of a cousin of mine whose parents died before I was born. His name is Carlos too. My mother loved him like a son before I was born. So later when I was born, my mom named me Carlos after my favorite uncle and the one who was my cousin but also at the same time my brother because my mother had already adopted him.  When I was a little baby, I hated my name because I was thinking, Carlos is an adult name, it didn’t fit me as a kid.

So everyone knew when our mother called for Carlos, she meant me because I was the smallest and I was the most naughty. So every time she called me she called me, with a louder voice but when she called him it was softer. When I was younger that bothered me with my brother I didn’t like being called Carlos. I liked being called Brayam because I didn’t like having the same name as him when I was upset with him.

]Moreno is my paternal name. It means dark-skinned, and I am dark-skinned.  But even if I had white skin, I would still be Moreno. My dark surname comes from the African American race. My father’s family is all dark with black hair, black eyes, dark skin and they are tall. I think that the very deep past may have an African race in my family, which is why my last name is dark .  I have some nicknames too.  My favorite uncle calls me Chebole because it’s fun to say.  He said Chebolito even though I am extremely tall. My Dominican baseball team calls me Piolin (Tweety Bird) because I was so small at the time, but I had a big head.  Now I’m huge.

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December 11, 2023 8:20 pm

Dear Carlos,

Your post made me think about my name and how it came to be. In my family tree, we have somewhat of a trend going on and I know I follow my dads footsteps when it comes to names. Something I wonder is how my dad’s name came to be as we have the same name.

Sincerely, Alejandro.

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