Only 3.2% of the population of the US are vegetarians but what if that 3.2 turned into 100%? First of all, our greenhouse emissions would go down by a third. This is because of the gasses emitted by the production of food. We would also gain back a lot of land. Of the world’s 5 billion hectares, about 68% of it is used for livestock. This would put many people in the livestock industry out of business as well. It would decrease the mortality rate by 10%. Of course these are all hypothesis’ but are quite realistic. These were all found here:

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February 22, 2018 6:18 pm

I had never thought about this topic before so this was really interesting. The statistics you used were very effective in explaining your opinion. I couldn’t believe that “Of the world’s 5 billion hectares, about 68% of it is used for livestock.” I’ve heard about how going vegan or vegetarian is good for the environment, but I didn’t realize it was to such a large extent. I found this article about how eating less meat and more plants helps the environment: You should check it out.

November 14, 2017 5:28 am

As someone who is a vegetarian, the title of this post caught my eye. You did a good job at choosing a tagline that would capture people’s attention.While I think you did a good job at including statistics, you could improve your writing by creating more of a bridge from point to point in your writing. You mention the decrease in mortality rate without going into the same amount of detail that is present in the rest of your paragraph. What exactly about going vegetarian would decrease the mortality rate? Would it make it possible for more food to go around, cutting down on starvation? Is there something about the current meat industry that’s killing people? Would it increase health, therefore cutting down mortality rates indirectly?

You’re a great writer and show talent for choosing interesting topics. I would come pack to see more pieces backed up by statistics, since you seem to like them so much.

November 14, 2017 3:52 am

Shane this is a very cool topic which I had never thought about before. This really made me thing which not many posts on here do. What if the world became 100% meat eaters? What would happen to the economy? What would happen to livestock? These are all questions that came to my mind. It would be really awesome to expand on this and to formulate a real hypothesis of every aspect of our society that would change. Although many of the points you brought up are good, I’m sure there would also be many downsides as well.

November 13, 2017 5:13 pm

Shane, I find your post super interesting and I find all of the positives to be a positive upturn in the way that the world is going with pollution and land usage. Although these things would be great and I would love to see our entire population go vegetarian i think an important issue that would be raised would be what to do with all these animals that would be left over, It is not humane to let animals like Chickens and Cows who are more or less domesticated go wild and it is also unfair to just leave them to die. Another interesting plus that would arise if we all were to go vegetarian is how much deforestation would go down because many forests (which provide us with clean breathable air) are cleared all over the world to make room for massive cattle farms which just pump more carbon waste into our world, polluting it even more.

November 13, 2017 4:37 pm

This is a really interesting topic. Obviously, becoming a vegetarian is much better for the environment, especially when it comes to emissions. We would have much less CO2 in the atmosphere, which would solve tons of problems we face today. One question I have is what other problems, like land degradation, would arise if people began eating many more fruits and vegetables?

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