The people on the left are standing with their hands above their heads. The people on the right are being violent and pushing. The people on the left aren’t holding anything while the people on the right and holding Trump flags. The images make me think that the black people are being treated unfairly. They are just standing there but there are so many police guards. The white people are being violent and dangerous but there are very little police there to stop them. It makes me wonder if the black people are being treated unfairly just because of the color of their skin. The black lives matter protesters are treated like their dangerous while the Trump supporters aren’t treated like that at all.
On the picture on the left the man is taking a podium from the Capitol building and he’s taking a picture with it.. THe man on the right is being attacked but it doesn’t look like he’s doing anything wrong. The man on the left is holding a podium which means he broke in, stole the podium, and was able to leave without and problems. The man on the right has his hands up and he’s not holding anything. The man on the left is wearing a Trump hat. These images make me feel that black people get treated way worse than white people even though white people are commiting crimes and taking pictures of themselves doing it. I wonder why the police didn’t do anything to the man with the podium. Black lives matter and Trump supporters are getting treated differently by the police because of their skin color even though the Trump supporters are committing crimes.
White Supremacy means that white people are treated better because of their skin color. They think they are superior and are better than them. What it means to be black in America is that you can be discriminated against, beaten, and killed because of the color of your skin. The people who are protected under the law are white people. The police are here to serve and protect, but they only serve and protect white people
What I have written connects to If Beale Street Could Talk because Fonny was imprisoned due to a false rape accusation. This connects because I wrote about how black people are being mistreated because of the color of their skin during the blm protests compared to the Trump riots.
I think that this quote speaks to what I’ve written because I was talking about protests and riots. This means I was talking about how black people were mistreated in a political reality. The way the minorities are treated is not because of a personal reality it is because of the politics in the country.

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