Modern Prologue:

There are two sides, who both know a lot and a little about each other


One side are the Insiders, who live in Oakland


The other are the Outsiders, who have never visited Oakland but still oppress the Insiders because of their community


The Outsiders have oppressed the Insiders for a long time, which has put many stereotypes on them


In California, where this story takes place, Insiders trying to escape are reminded of their past when asked where they are from


Then one of each bumped into each other outside of Oakland, one guy and one gal


From then on, they wanted to know more about who they were, but soon found out they were rivals


Split and torn, they knew what they had to do


They had to find each other, even though their sides were against that thought


Also, they knew that, if it had to be extreme, they could choose death, but they had that choice as ONLY a last resort


From beginning to the end, there has always been a war, but will the war end if they ARE able come together?


Is love able to overcome the long-held grudge between two sides?


If you wish to follow, you may, and you can see how this story ends


And can find out if you are an Insider, Outsider, or maybe, just maybe, even both

Artist Statement:

For my modern interpretation of the “Romeo and Juliet”, I decided to work on a modern version of the Part 1 prologue that represents modern Oakland instead of past Verona, Italy. For example, the first line of my prologue says “There are two sides, who both know a lot and a little about each other”. This means that one side (the Outsiders) knows a little about the other side (the Insiders), bu thave heavily influenced the lives of the other side. Also, people who live in Oakland are stereotyped because of where they live. This happens because Oakland is also seen as a very violent city and a gang filled city as well. The people that live in Oakland are known as the Insiders in my modern prologue, because they are the ones that are inside of the city and the ones inside of the oppression, meaning that they are the ones who are oppressed. The Outsiders are the people who live outside of Oakland and who cause the oppression toward the Insiders, as was mentioned previously. In my prologue, though, race doesn’t matter, meaning that the Outsiders and Insiders don’t hate each other because of racial reasons. Outsiders just oppress Insiders because of the community of where they live. Finally, for the end, I wrote about how anyone can be an Insider, Outsider, both, or neither. Neither isn’t in my prologue, but it just means that people aren’t from Oakland and they aren’t people who live outside of Oakland that oppress people inside of Oakland. And, in my prologue, death is only used as a last resort, not a full option, because if they did choose death, they would just prove to the oppressors that they chose to give up, giving the oppressors more power than they have.


By, Anthony Garcia


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