In the article “Gun Violence Must Stop. Here’s What We Can Do to Prevent More Deaths” It talks about how we can help in stopping any further damage. In this text the central idea is stopping death due to guns. In support of their central idea, the author writes “It’s not only the high-profile mass shootings that we must work to prevent, but also the daily death-by-guns that claim more than 30,000 lives every year.” . This supports the central idea because the author expresses their opinion on gun violence and in how they are determined to stop anymore damage from guns whether it be gun violence or suicide. The author also writes “We have renewed hope that, together, we can prevent gun violence— not just in the case of mass shootings but also in the case of domestic violence, suicide, community violence, and violence involving law enforcement”. This supports their central idea because it shows what they did in order to help prevent anymore harm due to guns. A final piece of evidence that supports their central idea is when the author writes “The set of recommendations illustrate that one program or policy alone is not going to significantly reduce gun violence, but rather, through comprehensive strategies, we can achieve safety in our homes, schools, and communities”. This supports the central idea because it shows all the plans they made in order to help prevent gun damage.

When I read this article it made me realize that I am able to do something in this problem that America is faced with concerning guns. But it also help me realize that gun are not in the wrong but the people. It also made me think that this whole situation got so complicated that people had to make a whole article to try to stop any further damage from guns but yet still have people arguing wither we need guns control or not.

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