solar panels on green field

Our world is currently overflowing with landfills due to the amount of unrenewable resources we consume throughout the world. Instead of trying to find a way to dispose of landfills what if there was a way we could still use the land that they take up for something better.

This was the question being asked in my article. Their solution was solar panels. We can cover landfills in solar fields making use of the once wasted space as well as providing large amounts of clean energy for the nearby people.

The objections to this plan follow the objections to many solar field plans. People complain that it is too expensive for what it’s worth but that’s simply not true.

Studies have shown that if the government supported solar panels, the amount they would save for overall power and money for cleaning the solution made will cancel out the price of solar panels in just a couple of years. I hope all cities can see that renewable power is the next step and will change our country for the better.

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March 3, 2021 6:13 pm

Hello Henry, Your post sounds Awesome to me because This Topic is very important Trought The world When I read your post, it made me think about we must take more care of our planet and keep it stable.

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