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It can largely be agreed upon in liberal circles that the Senate is an antiquated institution that requires immediate systematic overhaul… although query wether that would be the case if they were in control of the Upper House of Congress. Regardless, what is not particularly divisive is the assertion that the Senate is not a body intended to represent the people directly. The point of contention, rather, is wether or not this is a crisis 200+ years in the making. It is no secret that the original intention of the Senate was to represent the will of the States… it was not until 1913 that citizens even voted for their Senators; before then, the State Legislatures held that duty. But now, 100+ years later, the effects of this change are beginning to catch up with us. But what to do? Some, like Hans Nole of Vox, advocate for ‘demoting’ the Senate to an advisory position of less power. https://www.vox.com/2018/10/13/17971340/the-senate-represents-states-not-people-constitution-kavanaugh-supreme-court

Others believe the time to abolish the Senate has come. https://nowcomment.com/documents/235877 Not only is this a position held by leftist political commentators, but bills have already been introduced by the House to do exactly that.

What to do about the Senate is hardly a new problem, but in our age of unprecedented political action and uproar, it seems a question our generation will be forced to answer sooner or later. What exactly the right course of action is, however, is for now a question for each American to answer for themselves.




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