One say if you are looking for information
 you gotta Look long and far for it
And so I did Because america wanted to hide this
From Us from the world and that is 
The truth about Tulsa Greenwood
It’s been around a day  since I last spoke to The director
at the New black wall street in ATL, Georgia 
He Told me about The burning and massacre of black wall street in tulsa Greenwood
I was surprised since I never knew that this ever happened before  
I had to sit down for a second after he told me
I never learned about this in class  ever in my life so far
I thought I had learned everything 
there is to know about black history
But I was wrong 
and the school district is not so good about teaching children this
Why teach kids about almost everything else about black history
 but skip over this
Why would they want to hide the black community wealth
that we had before
Is it scary for them to tell the truth
or do they just want to bury it 
and act like nothing happened
I just wanted to know more
Now that I know about this

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March 23, 2023 10:50 pm

Your writing is very interesting, I liked that you focused on something that isn’t taught in schools. What’s the context for this writing? Is this all written from your perspective?

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