What Social Media Does to Your Brain by Connor

March 25, 2022


What Social Media Does to Your Brain

This article https://neurogrow.com/what-social-media-does-to-your-brain/ talks about how heavy use of social media can negatively affect your brain. Doing anything for an extended period of time can cause changes in the brain. Most people are on social media for about two and a half hours. This amount of time can have effects on attention, memory, and reward pathways. Social media also makes you addicted to your screens. This can cause other issues with your eyes as well. Overall using social media heavily affects your brain and how it functions. There are not all bad things caused by social media, there is also a positive side to using social media. You are able to text anyone at any time. This is very useful in certain situations. The overuse of social media is a bad thing. As long as you use it in moderation there can be good things that come out of the use of it.