I am a Type 1 Diabetic. I was diagnosed in 2012 near the beginning of Barack Obama’s second term. As a person with a chronic illness the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare is something that plays a crucial role in my livelihood. Under this act, insurers are obligated to look at me as a person rather than an investment. With Obamacare, my insurance rates are subsidized and I am less likely to be turned away from good healthcare because I am ‘expensive’. Growing up and growing into this disease with the aid of Obamacare has ultimately given a lot of room for myself and my family to breathe. To put it simply, with Obamacare my annual cost of medical supplies and medication is around $9,800. Whereas if the Affordable Care Act was not tangible, my annual cost would be around $30,200 dollars.
As our government is transitioning to the Trump Administration I can’t help but feel afraid. I am at a stage in my life where I am learning how to be independent and how to make it in the “real world”. As I look ahead to the cost of college and Diabetes, my financial future feels very unclear. I fear that the price of my life and my health will grow to be too expensive to manage. I fear that the government and insurers will view me as a price tag rather than a person. I fear that my pre-existing condition will lessen my humanity.
Personally, it’s hard to remain objective on a topic like this. I feel that every person has the right to accessible and affordable health care, myself included. Whether it is a pre-existing condition or a common cold, indivicuals should feel entitled to proper treatment. Health care will always be a topic inspiring debate and the necessity for tangible health resources is everimposing.
From the point of view of someone living with a preexisting condition, I think it is important that everyone has a secure future in their health and finances. Unfortunately, this is not a guarantee, but with plans similar to the Affordable Care Act I am hopeful that I, along with others, will be able to live a healthy and stable life. To know when I am getting my medication, and how I am getting it is a huge relief. From a subjective perspective, The Affordable Care Act benefits many while improving their quality of life.
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