What people expect. by Zahir

January 14, 2021


What people expect.

I feel like this is a common question
 that occurs in every young teens life.
And that question is 
what do you want to do when you grow up 

for some teens that's a simple question 
that can be answered easily.
And for others without a plan 
in life it can be harder because 
you might be asked this question all the time 

and say the same thing 
like I don’t know yet or maybe lie 
and say I got an idea of what I want to do 
all the time.

But the truth is 
that some teens don’t want to rush
 in to the grown up life some people 
want to live life without doing anything 

So that's why they should take their time
and not rush the question that starts their lives 
so soon so that why they should not carry a weight 
that keeps on asking about what they want to be
And just enjoy the ride.Until they are ready for the 
Grown up life.