When mass murders and shooting happen, we tend to ask ourselves why this happened. Why and what would cause an individual to go out into a public place and cause harm to others they have no relation to. We often ask ourselves why people go into churches-a spiritual place where peace and love is found, and end up shooting all the people in it including priest, children, fathers and mothers. In today’s world we have experience many of these events that would drive people to make a harmful impact on society. Many lives connected to many others are lost in these events and all to a cause of one individual.

According to Sound mental Health,”Violent-prone individuals do not manifest typical psychiatric symptoms, so meticulous interactive family, personal and social history details with baseline psychological evaluations can disclose their most important motives for predictive violence. Violent-prone individuals’ histories and comprehensive psychological evaluations designate repressed vengeance is the greatest need in their life. Above all else, these trivialized, inhibited, subjugated and essentially non-aggressive persons now vehemently need to get even with those who mercilessly inflicted humiliating private and public teasing, alienating ridicule and taunting, bullying insults both physically and mentally/emotionally which profoundly diminished their personal sense of relevance, worth, belongingness, acceptance and adequacy/mastery. Thus, these bullied, subjected, defenseless and victimized persons are prepared by this chronic abuse to spend whatever time, resources and energy needed to assert their sense of self to even the score and to prevent the return of any future arrogant, overbearing bullies. Unfortunately and catastrophically, their subconscious mental defense mechanisms of both projection and displacement transfers to less threatening individuals their chronic feelings of humiliation, belittlement, inadequacy and inferiority and their denied, suppressed and repressed hatred for menacing, threatening persons with pretensions to superior importance or rights who have abused and insulted them in their humiliated and ancient tortured past.”

By taking their anger out on others, they feel as if they have avenged themselves for being bullied, made fun of, and placed “ pay back” onto society for treating them the way they did. Based on Science is US, kids that shoot up schools are not loners, the misconception of them being loners is wrong, most kids will try to join many groups but what triggers their anger is that they at almost every time fail. They become rejected after trying and trying so many times to join a friend group and so result to shooting up the school. We are able to prevent these from happening by treating each other right. By not leaving those that don’t feel like they don’t belong feel that way and looking out for kids and adults that are having bad days.

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November 13, 2017 5:26 pm

Hi Fred,
I really enjoyed your post and am happy you chose such an important issue in todays society, especially in the United States. Your first paragraph was great because you tied it into a current event but left your questions to be vague enough that they could be used for any issues in today’s world. The information you provided in your second paragraph was useful because it helped me in understanding why someone would do something so violent and the underlying issues that person may have. And you closing statements were a nice reminder that the simple act of treating someone with respect can go a long way. https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2016/06/untangling-gun-violence-from-mental-illness/485906/

November 13, 2017 5:13 pm

I really enjoyed this post. I think that this is very relevant today because of all the mass shootings that have happened. I liked how you gave clear evidence on why these people are doing what they do. They aren’t just doing it for fun, but because they actually have a problem with what has happened to them in the past. I agree with you when you said that everyone needs to be loved and cared for because if we all get along and make everyone feel like they belong in this world, maybe we can finally start fixing this problem. Here is an article that I thought you might like: http://serendip.brynmawr.edu/bb/neuro/neuro03/web2/njackman.html

November 13, 2017 4:41 pm

Hi Fred,
I really liked your article, and it brings up an important issue in our country today. I thought it was interesting the way you approached this issue, and hitting one of the main concepts. Everyone needs to feel loved and cared for. And I also liked the part when you said “kids that shoot up schools are not loners, the misconception of them being loners is wrong, most kids will try to join many groups but what triggers their anger is that they at almost every time fail. They become rejected…” it really touches home, and shows that these people do not feel welcomed, and instead of taking their anger out on a teddy bear, they decide to take it out o people, causing lives to be taken. I found a article relating mental illness to homicide, and I think you should check it out, https://mentalillnesspolicy.org/consequences/1000-homicides.html. Thanks for sharing this with us!

November 13, 2017 3:59 am

Dear Fred,
Nice post. I really like the angle you took at analyzing the influences surrounding those who commit such acts. This hits one of the apparent roots of the problem, something that we can all do in our lives to help people feel included and cared for. The line “kids that shoot up schools are not loners, the misconception of them being loners is wrong, most kids will try to join many groups but what triggers their anger is that they at almost every time fail. They become rejected…” is an idea that could have a strong impact if spread appropriately. Another strong debate surrounding mass shootings and homicides in general is the mass availability of guns in America. This article speaks on that topic -https://www.npr.org/sections/13.7/2017/10/09/556627468/what-influences-attitudes-toward-gun-reform

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