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In my opinion classical and instrumental jazz help students study harder (at least for me). Music is a big key some people might be missing in their studying habits. When listening to music while studying, your music preferences matter. The effects on background music relates more to a listener’s fondness for that  music than the specific type of music.  

 The music can definitely be more distracting rather than focused if the listener strongly likes the music or strongly dislikes the music. “The connection within people’s brains that are responsible for internally focused thoughts and memory tend to be more active when they are listening to their favorite music, regardless of genre.” https://www.trade-schools.net/articles/music-for-studying  

Volume is a big factor as well. Volume is more important than the genre. A medium level of background noise can affect creative tasks in a good way.  

The best music also depends on what you are studying. For example you can read better while listening to music you like. And while doing math homework, you might do better listening to music you do not listen to as much. There is an opposing view that music does not help teenagers specifically, focus while studying. The reasons are the frequent use of personal devices (cell phones) which most young people grow up with. In conclusion, music helps me study and get my homework done. Especially classical and soft instrumental jazz. 

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October 10, 2022 7:20 am

Dear Kira,

I relate to your post questioning, “What kind of Music Helps Students Study Better”, because I, too, listen to classical or ensemble music while studying. Mostly ensemble. I do agree that preferences in music are a big thing in the studying habits of others because it gives them a more comfortable setting or feeling. While studying or I’m doing homework, I get engrossed in my work because I feel relaxed when all I hear are instruments playing in the background. The sentence that stands out to me is: “The music can definitely be more distracting rather than focused if the listener strongly likes the music or strongly dislikes the music.” I find this to be true because the chance of focus depends on the listener’s choice of music. Genre doesn’t often matter when doing work, as long as it helps in the focus.

Thank you for your input on music relating to study habits. It gives me more insight into how different students tend to work in solitary.

Look forward to reading more about your future posts.


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