What Kind Of Freedom Should A Teen Have? by Michelle

December 11, 2021


What Kind Of Freedom Should A Teen Have?

I believe that there is a limit to freedom and how parents decide to use it on their kids. Having kids do whatever they want all the time is not healthy for them or for their parents. Kids also need the decline in the way they act and the way they go out and do stuff. I agree that it is good to have kids start learning new things at a young age and experimenting with life and the outside world. Now there should always be a limt to how much kids spend outside their house because it may cause them to take advantage and to not obey later in the future.

I am normally patient with most stuff, if it’s something I’m going to enjoy or for a good thing I would not mind it at all. But when it comes to something I hate or I’m just not a fan of, I will lose it. My parents are parents who let me go out and enjoy life, they do have a limit on how much I can go out for the day. I don’t complain about my curfew when I go out which is 11 because I know someone my age should not be going out too late. I am pretty indepnt when it comes to most things.

Most of the time my parents are at work so I cook for myself some days or go run my arens with my friends. I enjoy the freedom I get because my parents with who and where I got out with. I am very surprised with my dad because I have never thought that he would have let me go out with my guy friends and he does. I appreciate him having trust in me and in what I do.

I am the only the only child which makes things a lot more interesting about how my friends and cousins where raised and how I was raised. At the end of the day my parents raised me right and showed me my values in life. knowing that I grew up with freedom and the trust of my parents really does make me happy because I are that trust with them.