What is there to know? by Abbey

October 15, 2019


What is there to know?

I am Abbey Kurmel. I was born in Margate, Florida and lived there for thirteen years of my life. I moved to Okemos, Michigan before eighth grade year which was the best thing ever for me. If I hadn’t moved I would be a completely different person. I would not be what I wish I was. Now I know who I am and I love it. 

School is definitely not my favorite place to be. But that being said, I still love going to school to talk to my friends. Even though I don’t like school, I do like my anatomy, independent study, drawing and yearbook classes. I am also involved in the varsity sports of volleyball and golf. I love playing them. They both have a way of making me feel calm and happy. I am good at doodling and designing yearbook spreads, along with playing volleyball and golf. All of those things have been a struggle at points but since I put in effort and hardwork, I have managed to become quite good at them.

Art is a way of expressing yourself, your thoughts, your feelings and your vision. That is why I think graffiti is an art form. Even if they spray paint the side of trains and overpasses. It can be beautiful in its own way. In many towns around Okemos graffiti is put up on purpose to show off the skills of artists. I love walking around Reo Town and downtown Lansing looking at the vibrant colors splashed onto the walls. I think it is important to express yourself because it is a way to show who you are, that is why I love doodling and drawing and creating things, because it shows the world who I am.