What is the new storytelling? by Aaliyah

September 11, 2021


What is the new storytelling?

In the article “Is storytelling still the same today as it once was?” (Kate) I learned that nowadays storytelling isn’t really as popular as it once was. But regardless of a story told through someone or maybe a book it’s told through television networks or films that many of the newer generations would watch. Storytelling is only good if you know who it is you’re marketing too otherwise you may not do as well making a network for some people. Some of the main focus on projects nowadays are on Gen-Z. 

Do you think the way storytelling how changed is better?x

I think what is said is true that times have changed and some things are being told in different ways. Where have stories and news come from the media or television networks rather than being told or reading the paper. I do think that though the forms of storytelling have changed but I also think that this encourages more stories to be shared globally and are able to make bigger differences.