Anyone can be an American if they are willing to be respectful, unite for Justice and Liberty. This idea is expressed in the Pledge of Allegiance, as stated in the article “What Being American Means”.There are several events in history that prove this point. The tragic events that unfolded on 9/11/2001 were followed by images of Americans coming together from all different states to assist at ground zero. The picture of them putting up the American flag is a symbol of American patriotism. Military enrollment increased following 9/11, which is evidence of American creeds from the PBS documentary. 

Anyone, means you do not need to be of any specific nationality, speak a certain language, have the same religious, or ethnic background. This is the article “What Does it mean to be an American”. Also, I think being an American doesn’t mean we all have to believe in the same thing or look the same. Everyone comes from different cultures and has different beliefs about different aspects of the world, which makes them unique and good Americans. I think people that eat different types of foods like, Mexican food, Indian food, and so on just show their uniqueness and show that they’re different, which is a good trait to have to be an American.

Americans all share the same goals in life. Every American is trying to be successful in life by working hard at their jobs every day to support their families. Money and living in peace I think is the main thing every American wants in life, but that can be harder for different people in the world. We all come from different circumstances and different childhood experiences as we grow up. Some people come from a poor childhood and not good parenting growing up, which can be hard for them to live up to the American values and goals in life. As other people come from great childhoods and parenting growing up which makes their lives easier as adults. In the end, all that matters is if you accept the American expectations in life, are willing to be respectful, unite for Justice and Liberty, you will be a great and strong American in life.

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