For many kids my age and younger this is the first time we have ever heard the phrase “social distancing.” By now certainly everyone of age to comprehend what it means, understand what it is. Social distancing is actively decreasing the amount of physical interactions you have with people daily. We are practicing social distancing everyday at the moment by not going to school, and limiting the amount of times we leave the house and enter a public space. 

I read an article from healthy that explains whether you are part of a high-risk group or not you need to participate in self isolation and social distancing in order for everyone to see the benefits. “Social distancing only works if everyone participates.” ( If only high-risk groups distance then the disease will still spread among the low-risk citizens until it inevitably gets to high risk citizens. 

An additional article I read was from Hopkins This article speaks about what social distancing will do for us. Flattening the curve is another term that we have heard countless times as a result of this virus. This disease has been so difficult for medical infrastructures to keep up with because of the exponential growth of infection. By social distancing the hope according to Hopkins medicine is that we will be able to decrease the exponential growth and in turn, flatten the curve. 

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May 19, 2020 1:38 am

Social distancing is fairly new to the Western countries because of the little experiences with overwhelming outbreaks. Like you explained, social distancing is one of the cures for the rising curve that is hospitalizing thousands and causing many deaths. As a community, we can lower the curve by simply distancing ourselves and stopping the spread of a virus that is easily transmitted. Though its interesting how social distancing also has its negatives that affect every individual differently. Ultimately, there are a lot of unknown territories that we are still discovering but its a time of growth and also a time to learn new things for all.

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