My poem talks about how it connects to Romeo and Juliet and we had to make connections to 2018. I ended up writing about love and violence. My poem talks about how love can be harsh and good. My poem talks about how love  causes problems and sacrifice.


What is love?

Love can be good

And can be bad

Love is amazing

Like seeing a little girl going to disneyland,

Love is powerful,

Like a hurricane ,

Love at first sight,

Makes me have butterflies in my stomach,

Love can be controlling,

When your parents wants you to marry a rich guy,

Instead of your “true love”

But “money” is not the definition of love,

Follow your heart and your ambitions with the person you truly love,

Love causes blindness,

Only focusing on the person you love,

Love can cause hate,

With two families full with hatred,

Fighting since day one,

Not realizing that they can kill someone,

Until one day,


Gunshots in the air feels likes Fourth of July

Somebody’s down

The love in the air gets encapsulated replacing it with hate,

Two loved ones gets seperated,

The girl is forced to marry a rich guy ,

Meanwhile the boy is on a different city,

The girl fakes her death so she can be with the boy she truly loves,


The news spread out that a girl died,

This cause the boy travel to the city not knowing the consequences,

He sees her dead,

He sacrifices himself so he can be next to her side,


Another person is down,

Little does he knows the girl was pretending her dead,

The girl wakes up next him dead ,

She’s crying like a tsunami taking over a city ,


The only thing you hear is a gunshot ,

The girl committed suicide causing her to be dead,

Another person is down

Love causes yourself to make stupid things.


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Destinee Garcia
April 22, 2019 7:28 pm

Hello Ashley,

I really enjoyed reading you poem because it really does connect to Romeo and Juliet. I love the line where you said “follow your heart and ambitions with the person you truly love”, the reason for this is because I believe its important to follow you heart towards anything you love especially with the person you truly love. Other than that, your poem is beautifully wrote out, great job.
Thank you,
Destinee Garcia

December 5, 2018 6:33 pm

You did a great job with your poem it really stood out to me because I can see the connection to Romeo and Juliet. I really like the line where you said “But “money” is not the definition of love,” this stood out to me because a lot of people will use others for their advantage instead of actually wanting to be with them. One suggestion I would make is to watch out for your capitalization. Other than this I think your poem is really strong and you are an amazing writer good job.
Thank You-Wendy 🙂

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