What Is Life Without Risk by Nicolle

October 28, 2020


What Is Life Without Risk

The book “Paper Towns” by John Green is a really interesting and captivating book with things people have or may have gone through in life. The book also adds a bit of mystery to it which keeps you hooked and still interested which you may not find often.

The First few chapters of “Paper Towns” by John Green might leave a reader feeling curious/hooked because so many things happen from the midnight trip to payback to sneaking into seaworld. It’s just very chaotic but not in a bad way. An example of this is on page 74.  “And before I could even say anything, the snake lashed out and bit her left ankle” This is so unexpected and crazy because they never expected this to happen to two kids who wanted to be adventurous and try something new and then this happened it’s just crazy.

We learn something interesting about one of the characters, Quentin on page 70 where it says: “Fine, but when SeaWorld, Incorporated, or whatever  sends a letter to Duke University  saying that miscreant Quentin Jacobsen broke into their facility at 4:30 in the morning….” This is typical of how this character acts in this book, so far. He often seems to be cautious and nt very adventurous. If you are the outgoing type of person you may not want to unless your goal is to break his shell.

After this part of the book, most readers probably will be looking forward to reading the rest of the book because you might want to know what happened after words and how things might change.  What’s probably going to happen next is after they get caught they leave on their way home and have some sort of conversation.