1. Erin Palazzo 1 year ago

    I think you picked a very important topic to investigate! I live in central Massachusetts, and we face similar problems with housing prices, so it was helpful for me to read more about the particular problems the San Fransisco area is facing. I appreciate that you showed the complexity of the issue–that although it has been tech growth, there are other job sectors (such as retail) that are opening up as a result of it. You also do a good job, while presenting both sides, of showing how this issue has mostly negatively impacted the city’s longtime residents. You end with a call to action, but I’m left wondering what that action should be? I know that it’s not an easy answer or simple solution, but I’m wondering if there are cities out there who have done a better diversifying their job sectors to avoid attracting only one kind of new employee, which also pushes out many current residents who do not fit into that industry. Big, heavy issues, but important ones to think about! Thanks for getting me thinking about this!

  2. Kendrick Diaz 1 year ago


    Thank you for writing this post. I think you adequately describe the issues San Francisco faces as a city. While the tech boom created more jobs, the influx of generated revenue caused rent owners to skyrocket their prices. The addition of employee jobs is important, but at what cost? I encourage you to think about the long-term effects of these issues. What do you think San Fran will look like in 10 years? Why?

  3. Maribel 1 year ago

    Dear Douglas, I think your post was interesting because you explained how the rent has been raised. A line that stood out to me was “in 2012 it ignited a housing crisis that’s made it difficult for many people, especially those in minimum wage or entry-level jobs” because it shows me tht Oakland isn’t how it used to be before when rent wasnt to high and everyone lived in their own homes. I agree with your point about the rent being too high because it was a good claim that the rent is too high nowadays, and that it’s not right. Thanks for writing and keep it up you did a good job and your paper was good.

    • Author
      Douglas 1 year ago

      Thank you so much for reading my blog. A question i have for you based on your comment is, Why did my line stand out to you and is there anything that i can do to make my writing as best as it can be so It can seem more interesting?

  4. Efraim Tril 1 year ago

    Dear Douglas Ramos,

    I feel a litte counfused about your post because that Oaklands rent hasnt doubled priced. “The rent in Oakland has doubled in price in the past 10 years!” This sentence stood up to me because prices didnt doubled because for that reason. The real reason they doubled because people in San francisco couldnt afford to pay for the rent so thats why people from San Francisco came here to Oakland and that is why the prices have doubled up. Also because people are expericing poverty too.

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