What is American Culture Exactly? by Jackalyn

October 3, 2017


What is American Culture Exactly?

American culture was built on freedom and liberty for all. People in modern day American idiots believe that a culture of only white people is true American culture. American culture should be encompassing all people, light or dark.

In InterExchange’s “Cultural Customs in the U.S,” we Americans as a whole has cultural aspects that apply to the country as a whole. We all value being on time and being late can often result in punishment. Americans also value hygiene compare to other countries. We often shower once, maybe even twice a day.

Even though we’ve had several people who protest this idea, racism and discrimination are still prevalent in America. According to “Racism and discrimination in the US,” by InterNations Immigrants are often subjected to racial profiling for simply “looking foreign.” Homophobia is still around, especially in the south and midwest. Blacks, Hispanics and Muslims are often targeted the most. Muslims have been the subject of attack since the 9/11 terrorists attacks. Muslims would have their mosques vandalized and generally made their lives uncomfortable to live.

Even our schools speak to other countries about American culture as a whole. A aspect of our schools, is how bullying is handled, which is rather weak. In Pamela Engel’s “Staggering Facts About Bullying in America,” at least 70% of students think that teachers respond poorly to bullying. 64% percent of bullying goes unreported by students, quite possibly due to how schools handle it.