This is my poem about what I see as I grow up in Oakland California. This poem relates to Romeo And Juliet by how two side are in war with each other and what the bigger picture is about what’s going on. I also put my own little twist on what I want to see in my city as my city grows. Hope you enjoy!


I see blacks against blacks 

Hate that lives up and down the street

Fire that can’t be extinguish

even when you ask how it all

started and no one knows

Love that lives but can’t be

because of their selfish ways

Fear that eats up your insides

in Fear of coming outside

because you don’t want a silver bullet

entering your body

crushing and forcing tissues apart

Pain of losing someone to a gun

Moms crying

Dads crying

Sisters crying

Brothers crying

Starting to question the world

but the world is what you make it

so you should start questioning yourself

and praying if you can change it

Fighting to choose who’s bigger

who’s badder who’s better

but the fight is within yourself

to know who you are

What I want to see

Love that’s like a fire

that can’t be extinguished

and when you ask they’ll say

it’s like sour patch kids

Love that lives and comes together

like there’s a magnetic force

that can’t keep you apart

Peace that beats down fear

so that you can come out your house

not worrying about a bullet ending you

but peace that can continue

Peace that makes

Moms think

Dads think

Sisters think

Brothers think

How we prayed for so long

and made the community a better place

and made the love so infinite

that it can’t be replaced

So forget the wars and forget the hate

so we can live in peace

and try to regain the strength

we had in the first place

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December 5, 2018 6:26 pm

Dear Kanika, I really like the topic of your poem. It’s really prominent in this area. It’s clear from your poem that violence can cause a lot of destruction and sadness. You did a good job connecting Romeo and Juliet to things that are happening right now! Where else do you think you can apply that to? When you talked about losing someone to a gun it was really sad. I appreciate you for writing about that problem.

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