What I Remember

I remember waking up to the fresh smell of Pancakes  

I remember tumbling and scraping my knee outside 

I remember my cousins sleeping over 

I remember viewing movies at the theater 

I remember sleeping on the bottom half of a bunk bed 

I remember my dog passing away 

I remember my mom being pregnant 

I remember getting my own room and sharing it with my little sister

I remember being terrified of roller coasters 

I remember my excitement for camping 

I remember thinking my first grade teacher was my favorite teacher 

I remember going to swimming lessons at YMCA

I remember my constant fear of the deep end of the pool  

I remember always wanting to spend time with family 

I remember getting a new dog while visiting the Dominican Republic  

I remember my grandma always visiting in her white skirt

I remember the first time I went to school by myself in my pink converse. 

I remember the sound of splashing when I went to the pool. 

I remember when me and my brother went to the same school 

I remember learning to cross the street when the light turned to the white stick figure, and when not to cross the street when it showed the red hand. 

I remember seeing the sun blaze over me when I went to Jones beach. 

I remember the long windy drive to the mall 

I remember having a big group of friends 

I remember on fridays when my mother and I would get frozen yogurt 

I remember the soft touch of my mother when she would kiss me goodnight. 

I remember wishing to go to Hawaii to play in the sand.